“We have used Annett for legal translations for over 6 months. She is always incredibly prompt, both with initial responses to requests and with delivery of translations, which are without fail in advance of estimated completion time and date. The quality of her translations is strong and consistent, and she always responds with a realistic and accurate assessment of estimation completion. She has responded quickly to translations with an extremely short lead time, and is never anything but helpful and pleasant. I would happily recommend Annett’s translation services to anyone."

Sarah Bale, Huntress Group

“Annett’s translations are first class. Not only does she deliver very good quality with a fast turnaround but she also offers translation alternatives within the context as well as valuable tips with regards to content and the relevant linguistic and cultural distinctions. In this regard, her legal experience is particularly advantageous. You get more than the pure translation service. Annett is competent and reliable. I am happy to recommend her."

Anke von Wenckstern, Rechtsanwältin

"I highly recommendAnnett’s legal translation services, in particular in the field of intellectual property law. To date, I have involved Annett in more than 60 cases, including trademark and patent related legal briefs and decisions, academic papers and educational articles written for a general audience, contracts and other documents. Annett delivers the best quality service, fast and on time without exception. She masters the linguistic and legal intricacies in British English as well as in American English, and of course in German. She benefits from her own dual qualification as a German and English lawyer. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to discuss with Annett questions on wording and structure in an unfussy and direct manner."

Daniel Hoppe-Jänisch, Local Partner, White & Case Hamburg