German Employment Law

Lexo Consulting provides advice on all non-litigious German employment law matters, including the following: employment law principles; the country-specific customs clients need to consider when hiring employees in Germany; performance management; parental leave; holiday entitlement; sick leave; restrictive covenants and termination of employment relationships. We can draft mono and dual language employment documents including employment contracts, HR policies and termination letters or revise existing English employment documents to make them compliant with German law.

German Commercial Contract Law

Keeping clients’ commercial needs in mind, we can draft general terms of business, non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, contractor contracts, business-to-business contracts as well as staffing agreements. We can also carry out revisions of existing documents under German law.

English Employment Law

Lexo Consulting is also able to offer legal consulting services with regards to  non-litigious English employment law matters. We can advise clients on the following with regards to British employees: annual leave entitlements, parental leave, notice periods, restrictive covenants, performance management, internal disciplinary and grievance procedures, and employment termination. We are able to revise existing non-English documents to make them compliant with English employment law or draft mono and dual language employment documents. These include but are not limited to offer letters, employment contracts, staff handbooks and termination letters.

English Commercial Contract Law

Lexo Consulting provides advice on a range of contract related matters such as restrictive covenants, indemnity, limited liability and the avoidance of IR35. Additionally, we can draft agreements and terms of business compliant with English law or carry out revisions of clients’ contracts to make them compliant with English law.

The following services are not offered:

We do not carry out any reserved activities as defined in Sections 12 - 15 and Schedules 2 and 3 of the Legal Services Act 2007 (the exercise of a right of audience, the conduct of litigation, reserved instrument activities, probate activities, notarial activities, the administration of oaths), which would require the practice of a solicitor of England and Wales and be regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We also do not provide advice on immigration matters.