to Lexo Consulting. We offer English and German legal consultancy services and niche legal translation services to British and international clients.

Our legal consulting services a focus on the following areas:

  • English employment and general commercial contract law;
  • German employment and general commercial contract law

We provide commercial solutions for employment related legal issues and are sensitive to the country-specific differences between the German, and English employment worlds.

Lexo Consulting also provides advice on English and German general commercial contract law matters. We can draft legal documents and contracts in English or German language / law and revise clients’ existing contracts to make sure they comply with either jurisdiction.  

Where clients need legal advice in other areas of law or in additional jurisdictions, Lexo Consulting has a network of lawyers and law firms at hand for referrals and collaborations.

To provide our clients with a one-stop shop, we also offer quality legal translation services in the following language combinations:

English to German
German to English

Not only do we provide translations tailored for the reader, but also a friendly service and a fast turnaround at competitive rates.

You can contact Lexo Consulting and request an estimate via email or telephone (+44 (0) 77 3270 3064).